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After 2 Subarus with combined mileage of 280,000 miles it was time for a new Subaru Outback. It had been 21 years since my last new car purchase and I was in need of a great deal. I thought I had an inside connection with a local dealer and got a quote supposedly $1000 under MSRP. I went home and went on the internet looking for price comparisons and Mark Jacoby from Eastside was a quick responder to my inquiry. His quote was another $1000 lower than this previous "best deal"! I called yet another dealership to see what they might offer and after calls back and forth, they told me Mark's deal was too good to be true and if a real offer, I should take this "crazy deal". I again emailed Mark Sunday morning and wanted a confirmation on his offer. He gave me a VIN # and a confirmation of the price. I was down in an hour, Mark met me at the door and pointed out my car to me in the front lot. The price was EXACTLY what he quoted me, the car was EXACTLY what I wanted....,I was signed,sealed and in my newly washed, gassed up Outback and on the road in about an hour. Easy, squeezy and no pressure. Mark was the best and Eastside gave me a screamin' deal. I am so thankful I went online to find them and that Mark was so responsive to my emails. This was mostly done on the web over a 2 and 1/2 day period and I am very happy! I will tell all my friends about this great service all around from Eastside! Thank you, Mark!

Lori W.
What a helpful and friendly group of people- from sales, to service to finance. No pressure. I special ordered my Crosstrek XV Hybrid and my salesman, Mark was great at walking me through all the available features. He helped me decide what would be important for me and what would not. He also kept me in the loop on the progress of my car as it was built and shipped. I love the car. It's cute in plasma green and really fun to drive. A great experience.

Pam D.
My experience at Eastside Subaru was great. Andy's knowledge of the different cars helped me pick a car that fit my needs. I ended up with a 2014 Subaru Legacy. Andy was very professional and worked well with his team to give me the best experience I have ever had at a car dealership.

Keith P.

I bought a car from Eastside Subaru & I love it! I hunted around for the best deal & they were the ones to provide that for me! My car salesman...Jerry Miller, was not pushy, super friendly & very helpful! He understood what I was looking for and answered all the questions I had! If I ever have to buy another car...I will be buying one from him! Great guy, & he sold me an awesome car!! Thanx Jerry, I wish you all the luck! :)
Danielle R

I have been going to Eastside Subaru for service for a year and a half and they have been helpful - even though I bought my car from another dealership - always friendly and they keep my car running beautifully and looking great!!! I would recommend them to anyone and will go to them for as long as I drive a car. I recently went in to get my car serviced and was admiring the 2013 Outback; have liked the body style since 2010. Ben Grigoryan showed me how I could afford it; spent time talking to his manager and worked I don't know what magic and I walked out with the car I have wanted for several years. Ben walked me through how everything worked - something I did not get at the last dealership I worked with - made sure I knew how to work everything and then gave me his number in case we had missed something. Excellent Service!!! Everyone is friendly; Roy, from Finance, was also friendly and helpful. Eastside could give lessons in customer service. They make everyone feel like a friend/special person. They have my business for the rest of my life. Thanks Eastside. Thank you Eastside!
Ilene Lowry
I am forever faithful to Subaru not only because of the love for my car but because of the comforting experiencing at the dealership and repair shop. Back in 2011 I bought my first Subaru Legacy. I loved everything about the car - gas mileage, design, comfort, 4WD, torque, handling, and the paddle shifters :) Through out the years I brought in my car for oil changes, accident repairs, and etc --- they were always efficient with my time, and often even brought me into the shop to show me what they found. Two weeks ago I totaled my legacy and began shopping for a new car. After test driving about 15 cars I realized nothing can compete the Subaru in regards to what I need in my lifestyle. The car has gotten me through everything. When I got to dealership on Saturday I saw the exact legacy premium in the color that I wanted. Turns out someone just bought it at the office as I was test driving the car. It was the only one left! My sales professional - Ben - listened to me that the only car I wanted was that one, and found t from another Subaru dealership somewhere far north (Lynnwood I think) and went to go get it himself!! It was ready for me by Monday. Unbelievable. Ben was very helpful in making sure I understood how all the car features work and overall made me feel like at home. He was also thorough in explaining how I will need to maintain my car. The sales manager - Yura - was able to negotiate to a very good price for my car and I am beyond content with financial outcome. I am grateful to this team. I recommend this dealership and Ben is awesome in picking out the right car for you!!!

Maria K
My husband and I are Subaru fans. We have owned 5 of them, and one of those saved my life when I was hit by a double gasoline tanker. We decided to shop for a new one, and I searched through about 250-300 late model Subarus on the internet. One offered by Eastside Subaru caught my eye. It was the right year, model, price and color. I called to be sure the car was still there, and salesman Larry Hall took my call, and had the car ready and waiting when we got there. It was a pleasure working with Larry. He knew every detail about the car and put absolutely no pressure on us to buy. We did purchase the car and the whole process was low-key and seamless. I would definitely recommend Eastside Subaru, and by all means, ask for Larry Hall.
Bette F

My husband and I recently bought our 4th Subie but the first from Eastside Subaru. We were very impressed with the office building and amenities that are available to customers. Our agent, Jethro Ansell, was great, very pleasant and knowledgeable. He listened to our requests, answered our questions and made recommendations. We never felt pressured which made for a more comfortable experience. We definitely recommend Eastside Subaru to anyone looking for a good car as well as a reliable dealership and agents.
Claudia H
Eastside Subaru made buying a new car very painless. I negotiated the price before even coming to the dealership over the internet. In the end, I was only at the dealership for 2 hours before driving away with my new Forester. Mark was a very honest salesman, and gave me a great price on a 2014 Forester. I highly recommend Eastside Subaru and Mark J as a salesman.

Sarah K.

Eastsiders.....2 years ago our family bought a new 2011 Subaru Forester from Eastside Subaru. We were very happy with the service and attention we received from the entire staff at Eastside Subaru. Recently we started looking at 2014 Foresters and met Ben Grigoryan at Eastside Subaru, who was very professional, informative, and caring to us and our needs. He explained to us the difference between buying and leasing a car. We are so happy with our brand NEW 2014 Subaru Forester that we just leased over this past weekend. Ben Grigoryan is the bEsT Sales Professional that we have dealt with while shopping for cars. His manager & the whole staff at the Eastside Subaru make a great team. You are making a huge mistake if you do NOT stop by and visit Eastside Subaru before purchasing your next Subaru.
Elena T

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